Diamond B Ranch

The Diamond B Ranch is located in San Diego's stunning back country. Nestled in the Valle Verde you'll find the little road stop of Warner Springs. Warner Springs came to be in 1844 as part of a Mexican Land Grant. Soon after a stage stop was established and folks moved to the area to stake their claim. Not much has changed in this town since. There's not much here other than old church and a gas station.

Our ranch and traditions have been passed through generations of family, preserving a way of life that you can now experience in your own home. Our livestock is still raised the ways of our grandfathers, full of wisdom, hard work, and a little bit of trial and error. The ranch wives passed down recipes we share with you today. They're stood the test of time and are still down right delicious. These women also share a unique and humorous perspective of the day's comings and goings. Does the phrase "Hold my beer" come to mind? Follow along on social media to watch the daily happenings as we pull back the curtain. To learn about our families ranching history click HERE


Our store offering will change with the seasons. We don't mass produce anything. Things are ready...when they're ready. Currently you can find chicken in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Turkeys in the Fall, and Beef in the Summer. Canned goods are available year round, but based on the garden's yield.


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Warner Springs, CA


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