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Greetings from the ranch! The Diamond B is located in Warner Springs, Calif. We're a multi generational family ranch, ranch six generations strong. 

We're raising grass fed beef, lamb, and poultry ready for your freezer. We'll work together so you can learn what goes into growing a great quality product and walk you through the process from field to freezer. You'll get to call the shots when working with our butcher. Want a certain number of chops in the pack, a specific thickness of steaks? You get to decide all of that! 

Our ranch and traditions have been passed through generations of family, preserving a way of life that you can now experience in your own home. Our livestock is still raised the ways of our grandfathers, full of wisdom, hard work, and a little bit of trial and error.  Follow along on social media to watch the daily happenings as we pull back the curtain. To learn about our families ranching history click HERE

Ranch Family Photo

We're on a quest to help San Diegans learn and appreciate what goes into agriculture products. We strongly feel that if you know your farmer, you'll know your food. Please reach out to us if you have questions or want to learn more. 

- The Ostranders
Elmo, Katie, Morgan & Reina

Greetings From the Diamond B

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