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Beef Shares

Beef Shares Ready For Your Freezer

Grass fed, grain finished beef is ready for our customers once a year. Place your deposit to reserve approximately 200-250 pounds ready for your freezer. Our cattle spend their entire lives on the ranch. They are born here and raised on pasture for approximately 18 months. All of our direct to consumer meats are sold to your specifications!

What You Get

  • Shares are sold by the half or whole. Each half has approximately 200-250 pounds of beef.

  • You control the cuts! You'll work directly with our butcher to pick your cuts and have them cut to your specifications.

  • A token of our appreciation.


Image by Kyle Mackie

Prices are per half share.


$250 deposit.

The deposit will be applied to the overall cost of the share.

Deposits are non-refundable.


Beef is sold by the animal's LIVE weight at $2.50 a pound. Animals will weigh between 1,000 and 1,500 pounds. We will weigh them approximately one week before harvest.

Harvest Fee

There is a $300 fee to have the animal harvested and the inedible parts (hide, offal, etc.) disposed of.

Balance Due

Your invoice will be sent after the final weigh in. Balance due includes your live weight fees and harvest fee, minus your deposit. Balance must be paid prior to harvest.


Butcher Fees

The butcher charges $1.50 a pound. Weight is based on its hanging weight. Hanging weight is what is left after the animal is harvested and cleaned, approximately 60% of the live weight. You will issue a separate payment (check or cash) to the butcher, but we will guide you through the process to pick up.


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