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Summer Chicken Processing Class

Step by step instructions to harvest your own chickens

Summer Chicken Processing Class

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the Event

We raise slow growing cornish cross chickens in the spring and fall. These chickens are bred to grow slower reaching their full potential at 8-10 weeks. These birds are raised traditionally, on grass, in the sun, and at their own own pace. Hormone and antibiotic free of course. If you're already raising chickens and ready to take the leap to processing your own birds, this class is for you.

What to expect?

We will walk you through the entire process, from humanely culling the animal to packaging for the freezer. Because this is an interactive event, you will be on your feet the entire time. It takes approximately 45 minutes to process 1 chicken. You can stay for as long as you want. 

Class size is limited to 10 people. Please sign up below and you'll receive a confirmation email once the class is finalized.

What will I see?

Everything! There are no secrets in this, we want you to see all aspects so you can do this for yourself at home. Yes, this is very graphic. You will see the live animal dispatched, plucking, and removing of the offal. This event is not suitable for most children, adults only please.

What will I be doing?

You can pick your level of involvement. If you want to observe only, that is perfectly fine. If you want to be hands on, we'll guide you through everything as you pluck, cut, and wrap.

What is the cost?

$25.00 We want you to learn how to do this. If you would like to take the chicken home that you cleaned, we ask that you pay the market value of the chicken of $25.00.

What do I bring?

We provide everything! The class is offered on the ranch in the barn. Please plan accordingly for the weather. The area is shaded, but it can be hot/cold in the barn depending on the weather.

Can I bring my own chicken?

No. Due to biosecurity, we do not allow other poultry to enter the ranch.

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