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Cinnamon Dough Christmas Oraments

What better holiday tradition than making ornaments with the kids. We make a few new cinnamon dough ornaments every year. Most we give away as gifts and the rest end up on our tree. They're such a snap to make and the recipe is very forgiving.

Ingredients &

1 cup Ground cinnamon

2 tablespoons White school glue

3/4 cup Apple sauce (honestly I usually forget this and substitute with water)

Christmas cookie cutters that you're okay getting some glue on.

One drinking


Puff paint (only if you want to paint them)


That's it! Pretty simple right?

If you want them to smell stronger, add a couple drops cinnamon essential oil to the dough.

You dont want the dough to be runny. I nice firm consistency that doesnt easy fall apart is want you're aiming for.

Mix everything together, ball it up, and then roll it out to the thickness you want. It will shrink an bit, but it will be barely enough to to noticable.

After you make the shapes with the cookie cutters, use your drinking straw to make the hole for the hanging ribbon.

Put all of the shapes on a cooling rack nor cookie sheet and either set it our overnight to dry or put it inside a low oven. We're forunate enough to have a wood burning stove so I set the sheet on top if it for about 5 minutes.

Once dry, string your ribbon through. Now you can either paint it with the puff paints of hang it up for years to come. Hopefully our little holiday tradition can become one of yours too.

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