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Go Big or Go Home - Tomatoes

Let's start off by getting a couple things straight.

1. I've never been able to do anything on a small scale. I must always jump in with both feet and my commitment over the top. If I don't go big or go home, it probably wasn't worth doing anyways.

2. I hate tomatoes*. They're gross and squishy and bitter and I've hated them since I was a kid.

*A a native southern Californian I do enjoy a good salsa or chili sauce though!

When it came down to planning out my spring garden I had planned to plant 2 varieties of tomato, Mexico Midget, and Early Girl. The Mexico Midget because they're adorbs if for no other reason and the Early Girl to can some chili sauce with.

Mexico Midget

I ordered my Mexico Midgets and went through my old bag of seed packets and to my surprise found several different varieties neatly filed away. I though "Why the heck not, let plant them all!" So I did.

I planted 5 cups with 3 seeds each of each variety and wouldn't you know, I had a 100% germination rate! Wow! My little tomato babies soon started sprouting and the bleeding heart horticulturist in me came out by deciding not to thin the herd.

Flash forward 2 months and my little plants are ready to be planted. There were a couple incidents along the ways involving hot windows, no water, and of course toddlers. Yesterday I happily planted 16 plants. I only went over the plan by 14 plants, but who's counting anyway? Unfortunately they took up the majority of the space in the raised bed so I'll be need to acquire a new one for the squashes.

Here's to garden expansion and my never ending hatred for tomatoes.

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