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We Tried It - Natural Egg Dye

Updated: May 1

I've always wanted to try natural egg dye and we have no shortage of eggs around here. So here's the skinny...

I've read around a billion different websites (or 5) on how to do this and condensed all the info into what we did. I used our eggs, a mix of white and light brown eggs

We tried cabbage, blueberries, spinach, yellow onion, and beets.

Blueberries, cabbage, and yellow onion made the most beautiful eggs, spinach and beets, not so much.


  1. Start by adding 2ish quarts of water to your pot. Bring to a rolling boil.

  2. Once boiling, add the skins, leaves, or whole fruit in the case of blueberries.

  3. Add 2 tablespoons on vinegar to the water.

  4. Bring back to a rolling boil. Reduce heat to simmer for 30 minutes.

  5. I placed all the eggs in a warm mason jar.

  6. Add the hot liquid to the to the jars, enough to cover the eggs.

  7. Now let is sit for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  8. Drain the water and viola!

So would I do this again? Probably not. It was a bit time consuming to boil everything (I only have 2 small pots) The colors didn't have that wow factor store bought eggs kits do.

How do you decorate your Easter Eggs?

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