Broad Breasted Turkeys

Broad Breasted Turkeys


Pastured raised broad breasted turkeys. Final weights will be 15 - 25 pounds. These are the same breed of turkey often found at the grocery store. Since we raise them on grass with bugs and sunshine, the flavor is noticably superior. And what's more satifiying than knowing your turkey has the highest quality of life?!

Hens are much smaller than toms. We order these birds as day old poults from reputable hatcheries. These birds are not sexed before shipping so we cannot predetermine the sizes until they arrive at their new home.


    Broad Beasted Turkeys. These birds arrived last spring at the ranch and will be harvested just in time for Thanksgiving. Your $40 deposit will give you exclusive access to the Egg to Table Club where you can watch your animals progress. Final cost of the turkey will be sent out before pick up day. Total is $5.00 per pound less the deposit.


    Deposits are final and cannot be refunded.

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Warner Springs, CA

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