Lamb Shares

Lamb Shares

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Grain Finished Lamb will be available in Summer 2022.


What You Get

Approximately 35-40 pounds of grain-finished lamb. We will guide you through the process with our butcher. A standard half lamb will yield the below cuts. Since you will be working with a customer butcher, you can change these to your own specifications.


A standard half lamb includes:
1 Rack of Lamb (8 ribs)
4 Loin chops (2 pkgs of 2 chops)
2 Leg shanks 
1 Leg roast
1 Shoulder roast
2 lbs Ground Lamb



Lambs are $4.75 a pound LIVE weight. We will weigh the lambs approximately 1 week before harvest. Lambs will weigh from 90 to 100 pounds.



A $100 deposit is due to secure your half share. (Deposits are nonrefundable, with no exceptions)


Harvest Fee

The Harvest Fee is $50 per half share.


Butcher Fees

You will be working with our butcher to have the lamb custom cut and wrapped to your specifications. The butcher charges a separate fee of $1.25 per pound (Approximately 65% of the live weight). You will be the butcher fees (cash or check) when you pick up. 



    Deposits are final and cannot be refunded.