Morgan's Lamb Shares

Morgan's Lamb Shares

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Grain Finished Lamb will be available in Summer 2022.


These lambs are from Morgan's 4H project this year. She has put in all the time and care to make these beautiful lambs. All the proceeds from the lambs will go into Morgan's savings account. (She's saving for a new horse and a special treat for her current old horse, Apple)


What You Get

Approximately 35-40 pounds of grain-finished lamb. We will guide you through the process with our butcher. A standard half lamb will yield the below cuts. Since you will be working with a customer butcher, you can change these to your own specifications.


A standard half lamb includes:
1 Rack of Lamb (8 ribs)
4 Loin chops (2 pkgs of 2 chops)
2 Leg shanks 
1 Leg roast
1 Shoulder roast
2 lbs Ground Lamb



Lambs are $5.25 a pound LIVE weight. We will weigh the lambs approximately 1 week before harvest. Lambs will weigh from 90 to 100 pounds.



A $100 deposit is due to secure your half share. (Deposits are nonrefundable, with no exceptions)


Harvest Fee

The Harvest Fee is $50 per half share.


Butcher Fees

You will be working with our butcher to have the lamb custom cut and wrapped to your specifications. The butcher charges a separate fee of $1.25 per pound (Approximately 65% of the live weight). You will be the butcher fees (cash or check) when you pick up.