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Thanksgiving Turkeys

Heritage & Broad Breasted

We raise both heritage and broad-breasted turkeys on the ranch. Heritage breeds are traditional breeds, the ones our grandparents knew. Broad breasted has been bred for certain characteristics over the years to produce a larger turkey, prized for its breast meat. This is the breed that most people are familiar with at the grocery store. We raise both breeds together in the same manner with sunshine and fresh greens. Turkeys sales take place from May 1st through June 31st. Yes, they sell out in June!! If for some reason we have a bird left as we get closer to harvest, it will be available on November 1st.

Heritage Turkeys

Bourbon Reds and Naragansett's are the most stunningly beautiful of the heritage breed turkeys and the plumage that most people think of. Miguel is our tom Bourbon Red. He is the most gentle and good natured animal on the ranch. He is frequently found strutting in the yard and following the kids around while they play.

Heritage breeds have a few abilities that broad breasted do not. One of those is the ability to breed naturally. Broad Breasted turkeys grow so large, that they cannot effectively breed and the hens are artificially inseminated.

Turkey Cuts

Heritage Quick Numbers

Bourbon Red Turkey

Heritage turkeys make a delicious smaller Thanksgiving bird. The flavor is much deeper, but not gamey. This is due to how active these birds are running up and down hillsides and flying over fences (yes they can fly!)

Typical weights:

6 -8 pounds for hens

12-17 pounds for toms.

 We have no control over how many hens or toms we have, so we cannot guarantee size.


Deposits of $40 are required to hold your bird. After that the cost is $10.50 per pound, less your deposit. Deposits are non refundable.

Additionally your deposit gives you access to the Egg to Table Club where you'll be sent updates about your bird and gain insight on how we raise them, their feed, and daily life.

Broad Breasted Turkeys

Most people are familiar with the Broad Breasted Turkey. It's the most commercially available bird and what people have grown to expect for their Thanksgiving feast. These birds have been bred over the last century to grow larger breast meat, with smaller feed rations, and quickly as possible.

Unfortunately due to their size they cannot breed naturally and are hatched from hens that were artificially inseminated. We purchase our week old poults (baby turkeys) from reputable local hatcheries and grow them on from there.

So what makes our broad breasted so special? We raise them just like the heritage breeds. In the sunshine and with fresh greens. Most turkeys raised commercially will never actually see sunshine, let alone grass and native vegetation. Our birds truck themselves up and down the hillside trying to keep up with their heritage breed cousins. We feed them fresh veggies for treats, give lots of neck scratches, and treat them with the utmost respect.

Broad Breasted Quick Numbers

Broad Breasted Turkeys Roosting

These are the typical Thanksgiving bird. They are large and prized for their delicious white meat. The size is ideal for a larger family gathering

Typical weights:

16-20 pounds for hens

20-25 pounds for toms.


Broad Breasted Turkeys will be raised by the girls as part of their 4H project. They will be available at the auction at the Ramona Jr. Fair. There may be a couple birds that will not be going through the auction and available for private sale.

Additionally your deposit gives you access to the Egg to Table Club where you'll be sent updates about your bird and gain insight on how we raise them, their feed, and daily life.

How To Order

Deposits are only accepted during the month of May (Yes you read that correctly) These birds sell out every year, don't miss your chance!

Pick up day for FRESH turkeys is the Sunday before Thanksgiving during our annual barn sale. Turkeys must be picked up at the ranch on this day. We never freezer our turkeys, instead your family will enjoy the freshest possible meal.

 Click below to place your deposit. All buyers who place a deposit in June will be added to the Egg to Table Club, a private facebook group where you gain unique insight about how your bird was raised. You'll watch them hatch, learn how they spend their day, see what they eat, and gain appreciation for how much love and work goes into raising these birds.

Diamond B Ranch Turkeys
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