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Whole Chicken

Whole Farm Raised Chicken

Whole chickens are coming back!! We raise cornish x meat birds. These birds are known for growing big and growing fast. This is due to better genetics going into breed stock. We never use growth hormones, or other products to increase growth. We feed them the same high quality, corn based feed that we feed our laying hens. Good feed and sunshine is all we need. Additionally our chickens taste better from the exercise we make them get. Corish are notorious for being lazy and laying in 1 spot all day. We purposely keep their food and water separated to encourage them to get up and move around. 


All chickens are a flat rate of $20 each, regardless of size.

These birds will be processed by hand, and available for pick up the following day. They will never go into a freezer. They're that fresh!


Chickens will weigh anywhere from 6 pounds to 10 pounds. We try to keep them on the smaller side since the large ones tend not to fit in an instapot. We've tried!

Chicken Cuts
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